Galaxy Buds Live are surprisingly easy to repair

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live Are Surprisingly Easy To Repair - tech

One of Samsung's most ambitious bets during this 2020 has been the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, headphones that you can buy in Spain with ANC noise cancellation with a design never seen in its category, and its physical appearance is more similar to from a bean to a headset.
These headphones are a radical change in design compared to the previous generation Galaxy Buds and Buds +, headphones that in our review we ended up loving. However, the radical design change gave us an important concern.
Yes, the Galaxy Buds Live will be easy to repairiFixit is one of the authorities when it comes to devising repair. The popular one offers very complete tutorials on device repair (in addition to selling any tool that we may need and do not have at our disposal) but also offer a type of content that has great value, such as their evaluations.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live teardown reveals surprisingly repairable ...

IFixit evaluations are extremely valuable as they allow us to know in advance whether a device will be easy to repair on our own. In TWS headphones it makes great sense for a very particular matter, such as the operation of exchanging the batteries.
Being such compact devices and with an integrated battery, the main fear of this type of headphones is that they will become a throwaway accessory since many of them are practically irreparable. This is not the case with Samsung models, and in addition to the first design of the Buds, this much more compact repeats with a modular design in which it is easy to replace the batteries.
This is great news for anyone interested in these unique headphones. If you want to know more about them, we recommend you wait a few days to know our analysis and user experience to find out everything they are capable of offering.

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