Galaxy Tab S7: the best features of a unique tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Features, Specs, Price, Release Date

A few days ago, Samsung presented its complete catalog of devices for the second half of 2020 at the Galaxy Unpacked. In addition to the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, we met the Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 +, a set of devices that will be sold in Spain and that aspire to be among the best in their category.
In the coming days we will learn about the analysis of each of these devices, but today we are going to focus on a preview of the Galaxy Tab S7, summarizing some of the key aspects of a product that tries to go beyond what Samsung achieved. in the previous generation.
Whether it will measure up or not is something that we will know in the coming days with the complete analysis. Today we know some of its most differential aspects.
The maximum power and multimedia of AndroidOne of Samsung's goals with the Galaxy Tab S is to be able to offer the best experience of using an Android tablet, and for this, it is necessary to have the best possible hardware. For this, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + have the Snapdragon 865+ processor. The latest from Qualcomm is currently the best of Android and with its 6/8 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of internal storage this tablet flies.

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No matter what application or games you decide to use, the Galaxy Tab S7 will run them without any fear with the maximum possible fluidity thanks to its 120 Hertz screen, the maximum possible fluidity in an Android tablet. It is important to consider, yes, that to enjoy this level of fluidity, applications or games must be prepared to support it, but in the middle of 2020 most of the most popular ones are already adapted.
When it comes to connectivity, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + include Wi-Fi 6 and an option for LTE and 5G mobile networks. The possibility of accessing a state-of-the-art mobile network will depend, however, on the coverage we have depending on the area in which we live and the operator that we have contracted, being currently Vodafone the only one that offers 5G in Spain and only in certain areas.
Is it worth betting on 5G? At the moment it is a connection that, likely, you will not be able to enjoy it since in Spain 5G is more part of the near future than of the present. However, the Samsung tablet is already prepared for that future in case you are looking for a durable device.

Not just for play, it's made for work tooOne of the best additions to the Galaxy Tab S7 is Samsung DeX, a tool that is capable of adapting the interface of the tablet to function as if it were a PC. This mode can be activated on the tablet to work more comfortably by connecting a keyboard and mouse. As in Note 20, we can also project the Samsung DeX screen to a screen, both by cable and wirelessly.
The desktop model of Samsung DeX will not allow us to use the applications of our Windows PC, but those that we have installed on Android. This is a disadvantage compared to a traditional PC since we depend that the applications we need to do our work are adapted. Right now, tasks such as answering emails, signing documents, or working with the Microsoft Office suite are use cases for which this tablet is prepared.
To complement the traditional PC and our mobile, the Galaxy Tab has a series of integrations with applications and services:

  • With Samsung Flow, we can receive calls and notifications directly on the tablet, which we can answer even if we have left the mobile at home (it requires a Samsung mobile as well).
  • The Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the first devices to include Nearby Share, the Android Airdrop, as standard. If you have a compatible mobile, you can send large files between one device and another in a matter of seconds, safely and without spending mobile data.
  • Samsung Notes now integrates alongside Microsoft One Note.
  • Reminders will begin syncing with Microsoft To-Do and Outlook at the end of the year.

Exclusive apps and benefitsOne aspect that caught our attention when we began to test the Galaxy Tab S7 is the three applications that are pre-installed that are designed to get the most out of the equipment.
Clip Studio Paint is a professional drawing application for artists and available to get the most out of the screen and pencil of Samsung mobiles. Exclusively, Galaxy Tab S7 users get 6 free months of Clip Studio Paint Pro.
On the other hand, NoteShelf is an application that allows us to create our virtual notebooks, which is completely free for users of the Galaxy Tab S7 (it costs 5.49 on Google Play).
Finally, we have Canva, a design application designed to design unique publications on social networks. The application is free and has 200 templates exclusively for the Tab S7, in addition to offering a free month of Canva Pro.

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