Google camera fixed its most absurd flaw

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For many years Google has worked on photographic algorithms that have placed the Pixels as the best smartphones in this section. Even its app, the Google Camera, has been ported to different models, notably improving the processing of photos.

However, not everything was perfect. Pixel mobile users will have seen how when taking portraits the application created a new folder for each shot, making it almost impossible to manage the photos from the file manager.

This decision by the engineering team has long been the subject of complaints but seems to be coming to an end.

Google Camera 7.5 fixes this issueIn the latest version of the Google camera app, this has been modified and, from now on, photos with and without blur will go to the same place as the rest of the photos, as they should be.

The negative part is that, at the moment, this version 7.5 is only available for mobiles that use the beta of Android 11, which is a few weeks that will reach its stable version.

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Renaming files from Google CameraAnother change in this version is the way the files are named. Until now the images had a nomenclature that began with IMG, something that we have seen in hundreds of cameras. From this version on, the photos taken with the Google app will start with PXL, making it much more evident that the images have been taken with a Pixel.

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