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The news displayed on Google Discovery is increasingly consulted by users around the world, and its format is always changing to adapt to new trends.

Now there are a couple of experiments that start to appear to some users: hashtags and short videos.

As you can see in the upper screenshot, on some occasions (for now on iOS) labels appear below the news we are seeing. By clicking on one of them, it takes us to a content feed based on that tag, which helps to read more news on the subject. This will allow, on the one hand, to keep the reader more time in front of Google Discovery, and on the other, it will allow content creators to define strategies to know what type of content is more attractive to their group of readers.

Another experiment is based on short TikTok-style videos. Google is now also showing a "Short Videos" carousel on Google Discovery. The logo appears in the upper left corner, while the name of the video appears in the lower part. These short videos open in the default web browser. Controls appear for turning on, off, and sharing, as well as a progress indicator.

It is not yet known what criteria Google uses to highlight this content, but YouTube is rumored to be working on its own TikTok competitor called "Shorts" later this year.

At the moment they are just experiments, we may never see them in production, but several users are already commenting on it on the networks, so it will depend on the success that emerges in this first phase.

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