Google Photos will make it easy to share images

Google Photos is an essential application for millions of users in Spain since it is the app where we store our photos. It is regularly updated with new functions, such as its heat map to locate photos, which allow good use of it. One function that we usually use in the app is to share photos with other applications.

There are times when you want to share an image that you have stored in Google Photos with another person, sending said image by WhatsApp, email, or on social networks. Although this process is not always as comfortable, luckily the app will make it easier.

Google Photos will make sharing images easierCurrently, when we want to share a photo in another application, it takes us to the complete list of photos, so we are forced to navigate through all these photos to find the image we want to send. If it is an image that we have taken a long time, it may take a couple of minutes to locate it, so this process is not simple, fast, or comfortable for the user.

In the new version of Google Photos, with number, we find a change in this regard. Since when sharing an image, the application will show us the photo albums that we have in it, so it will be much easier to locate that image that we want to share with another person, in another application. It makes the process of searching and selecting the image or images simpler and faster, just what you want.

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Since we will only have to select the album in question in Google Photos, choose the image or images and then choose the application in which we are going to share them with another person. In this section of sharing the images, where we are allowed to choose their origin, it will be where we will find this new option called Albums. Which will make it much easier to share that image.

It seems that it is already being deployed in this version of the application. Although not all users who have this version are still with this function, so it may be that the deployment is being progressive. Also that it is an improvement that Google is launching from servers. In any case, you can download the app from the Play Store or APK Mirror on your Android mobile, in this new version.

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