Google Pixel 4a, analysis: once upon a time there was a spectacular camera attached to a small mid-range mobile

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The best photography experience moved to the mid-range. This is the philosophy of Google with its A family, born last year with the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. This 2020 comes the Pixel 4a, a terminal that improves in hardware and, above all, in terms of design compared to the last generation (and even better in some aspects than its older brothers). Just as the camera is characteristic in the Pixels, the absences are also, and this Pixel 4a has some quite notable.

However, we are going to pass it through our analysis table to find out what Google has to offer in the mid-range of 2020, a disputed area in which hardware takes on more and more prominence and where Google wants to reign based on being the best at the photographic level. Will this be enough? Let's try to check it out.

Design: very compact and pleasant in hand, but too basicThe Google Pixel 4a is unusually small. In a year in which mobile phones measuring 6.7 inches and about 16 centimeters high are becoming a standard, this terminal has a size that we are not used to. This allows us to use it with one hand in a very comfortable way. The touch is pleasant when we hold it and all the joints of the terminal are well finished. However, the Pixel 4a feels like an economic mobile, when neither is it so much nor its competition leaves that feeling. The material used is polycarbonate (plastic, so that we understand each other), both on the back and the edges and buttons. This in itself should not be a problem (although at this point the glass is appreciated), but it is not quite convincing.

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The finish is rubbery, something that helps when it comes to gripping it but makes it easy to scratch and, on the other hand, that it picks up greasy from your fingers quite easily, so you have to constantly clean it if you don't want it to. is full of glitters. On the other hand, if we talk about the keypad, it is quite scandalous. The buttons don't dance and feel solid, but the "click" they emit when you press them is quite loud. This seems like a trivial detail, but it's not very pleasant that such small buttons make so much noise.
Shockingly, the Google Pixel 4a has a camera module when it only has one sensor. However, the move makes sense so that the design line is similar to that of its brothers, the Pixel 4

Looking at it from the top we find a headphone jack, leaving the speaker and the USB-C port reserved for the bottom. It is a basic and simple finish, but it does not dislike on an aesthetic level. The rear of the terminal does not stand out in almost anything either, except for the camera module that Google has implemented. Having a single camera is shocking that it has a module, although the movement is understood both for coherence in line of design with the Pixel 4 and for following the current trend.

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At the compaction level, the Pixel 4a is the clear winner currently compared to the great actors of the year. It is one of the most compact mobiles on the market. In some cases, the server has to admit that it has made me too small, but this will depend entirely on the user. Those who want a compact phone will be very grateful that Google has launched this option. Putting it in your pocket is like carrying practically nothing. This is also due to its weight, of just 143 grams.

In a year where exceeding 200 grams or getting close to them is not strange, having a mobile almost 60 grams lighter is a relief. In short, a design that could be more premium and that feels somewhat cheap, but that manages to fall in love with the small size and the great compaction exercise.

Screen: remarkable, but with points to improveThe Pixel 4a has a 5.8-inch panel with Full HD + resolution and AMOLED technology. What is most lacking is a refresh rate of 90Hz, something that would have put the icing on a panel that performs well for the price of the device. The panel is very sharp, the color is vibrant, and the overall feel is good. However, there are two clear problems.

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The first is the viewing angles. As soon as we turn the terminal a little, the rainbow effect appears and we lose vision. The second is the maximum brightness. The Pixel 4a does not look good in the sun and is well below some of its direct rivals in brightness. As we are used to in Google, we can configure three color modes, although we cannot manually change the colors or the temperature.

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