Google Play is riddled with fake copies of AnTuTu: where to download the official app

Google removes Antutu most-popular app from Google Play Store

In March of this year, the well-known benchmark app AnTuTu was removed from the Play Store, without any apparent explanation. Shortly after, it became known that it was the connection of those responsible for the app with Cheetah Mobile, accused of spying on users, the reason why the app was eliminated. Also, Google began to block the app this summer, also in Spain.

If you take a tour of the Play Store, you will be able to see that there are many applications under the AnTuTu name in it. Although these are clones of the original application, they will not provide the same functions. The number of clones is high and at the moment they are all available for download.

AnTuTu clones on the Play StoreWith some frequency the Play Store is usually filled with clones of popular applications or games, these days it happens with Fall Guys, for example. Fake copies, which copy the name and logo of said application, but do not provide the same functions and in many cases can be a danger to the user, in the form of malware or stealing personal data. This happens now with AnTuTu.

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The well-known benchmark application has not been available in the application store for months, its APK can only be downloaded from its official website, although even the installation of this APK is being blocked by Google. Although these copies of the app are available in the Play Store. As you can also see, many of them copy the app logo or slightly modify it.

The reason why these AnTuTu clones are still available in the Play Store is not very well known, since they are fake applications. Google may not yet be aware of its existence. Something similar happened with the copies of Fortnite a long time ago, which took a while to be eliminated, but Google later issued an alert, before the huge number of clones.

Antutu Benchmark Tests Removed from Google Play Store

If you are interested in installing AnTuTu on your Android mobile, you can always resort to APK Mirror and the official website of the benchmark app, avoiding installing these fake copies. Although this is increasingly complicated, because Google blocks its installation, due to risks to the user's privacy. So it seems unlikely that the app will ever return to the Play Store.

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