Google warns that it will no longer record audio from its users: this is how it affects you

Google is known for being one of the companies that extract the most data from its users, data that it often uses to strengthen its advertising platform. This fame affects a concern for our privacy.

Whether through government investigations or voluntarily, Google regularly updates some of its policies regarding the data it collects about us.

Google sends an email to its users
Google is beginning to send users an email with a change in the privacy of their accounts. Audio recordings in products such as search, Google Assistant, or Maps were previously stored by default, but from now on it will no longer be the case.

Google has disabled audio recordings on Google accounts with immediate effect. This deactivation implies that from now on Google will stop saving all our voice recordings unless we give it explicit permission.

Google stresses that the analysis of recordings itself is of great importance to its products and will continue to store voice data for some users. The main difference is that to do so you will have to access this link with your active Google account and click where it says Audio recordings (deactivated).

If we press the button, it will not be an automatic process, since Google will offer us details about the use they will make of our information.

How to stop Google from keeping your voice recordings - The Verge

In the text, they warn of situations such as that the recordings can start a little before the time for complex requests since the micro will be active continuously (but it will only record when we say Ok Google), the notice that audio can be heard by human persons or that on some occasion it is possible that an unwanted recording is made.

They also indicate that if Google no longer needs audio, it will delete it, and in the same way we can delete our recordings manually.

What this update means according to Google
Simple controls for the Google Assistant and other applications. The updated audio recordings option is part of your Activity on the Web and in Applications, which allows you to save activity such as your searches in your Google account. When this option is activated, the audio of your interactions with the Google Assistant, the Google search engine, and Maps is saved and can be reviewed to improve the ability of our products to understand spoken language. This updated option does not apply to other Google services or audio data saved on your device.

Previously saved audio data is not affected. This update does not affect the audio data you already have stored in your Google account.

You can delete the audio recordings at any time. Google will periodically delete the audio recordings saved with this option when they are not necessary to develop our products and technologies. You can also go to to manually delete your audio recordings from Google Assistant, Google Search, and Maps, or choose to have them automatically deleted using the automatic delete controls in Web Activity and Apps.

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