How to find your Bluetooth headphones with the Find my Device option


A few years ago, Google launched an integrated service within Android that allowed us to locate our mobile phone through a web platform as long as we used our username and password.

In this way, we could find a lost or stolen phone whenever it was switched on, in Spain, Mexico or any other country.

One of the novelties that the new smart headphones with the Fast Pair system bring is that they can also be found thanks to this service, regardless of the manufacturer's brand.

How to find your lost Bluetooth headsetIt is important to note that this option is only available if we have configured the headphones through our Google account, something that is done automatically with models with Fast Pair, such as the Pixel Buds 2, OnePlus Buds or realme Buds. However, although in the case of Google headphones this function is already active, in my unit it still does not appear listed in the set of Bluetooth headphones available.

To search for us, we do not need them to be on, and we have to connect to the web or the application to find My Device. When we do, we select the headphones that we want to find in the upper part and the location will be marked on the map by GPS.


As you need the mobile's GPS, this will only work if they are connected to one of our mobiles. Soon this will be possible even without the mobile in some models, such as the Pixel Buds.

However, if they are turned off, we will be guided to the last location in which we used them, to check if they are still there.

Given that everyday devices are getting smarter, hopefully, we can find them using this tool. It would not be strange if a similar chip was used in watches, bracelets, and other accessories, and not only in mobile phones and Bluetooth headphones.

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