How to know which applications consume the most mobile data

Reduce mobile data in Android and restrict background data

The consumption of mobile data on Android worries the majority of users in Spain. There are times when the applications that are installed consume too much, causing us to exhaust the rate prematurely. A common problem is being able to know which are the applications that consume the most, something that we can easily verify in the case of the battery.
Also in the case of mobile data, we can simply check this on Android. Since in the phone settings we find a way to see the consumption on the phone, also being able to see which applications are the ones that use the most data on the device.
View mobile data usage of apps
On Android phones, we find the Data Usage section (the name may change depending on the interface), where we can see the use of mobile data on the device. It is in this section where the consumption that each of the applications that we have installed has made of said data is also usually indicated. The steps to check it are as follows:
  • Open Settings.
  • Enter the Internet Connection section.
  • Go to the Use of Data.
  • Tap on the app to see your data usage.
In the section in question we also usually have a graph, where the evolution of said consumption is seen. Below the graph, we usually find the list of applications installed on the phone, also showing the amount of mobile data that each of them has consumed in the most recent period (the last month normally). So we can see which of them consume the most data.
The interesting thing is to click on each application because within it we will have more precise information about your mobile data consumption. Since we must not forget that Android applications consume data in the foreground and the background. So it's nice to be able to see if any are consuming too much data in the background.

My Data Manager – Manage your mobile data

If any of the applications on your phone are consuming too much mobile data, especially in the background, you can disable the option called "Allow data usage in the background." Thanks to it, they are prevented from using data in the background, although it can affect the operation of the app, especially those messaging or mail apps that can have problems.
On the other hand, do not forget that many applications on Android have a mobile data saving mode. Also, the system itself has some ways to do it, so that consumption can be reduced. While it may depend on the customization layer.
Saving data on Android
If you want to reduce this consumption of mobile data, in Android we can use data saving. This function will allow less consumption, although it will make certain processes or applications work worse, since there may be no synchronization in mail apps, for example. But in cases of great need, you can resort to it. It is activated by following these steps:
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Internet Connection.
  • Click on Data usage.
  • Go to the Data Saving section.
  • Activate said saving.
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