How to play the fourth season of Fortnite on Android

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If there's one game that's been relevant in 2020, that's Fortnite. The Epic Games title was already a star after its release, and although popularity has fallen somewhat in recent months, its developer's confrontation with giants like Apple has made it all the headlines again.

In case you don't know, Epic Games is in a legal battle against Apple and Google to allow alternative payments in their stores as well as to charge a lower fee for in-app purchases.

This has caused both Apple and Google to have removed the game from the AppStore and Play Store respectively.

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How to play the fourth season of Fortnite on Android

Unable to update the title, iOS players have been left unable to participate in the new season of the game. However, Android users have an alternative as there are ways to install the game without going through the Play Store.

If you have a Samsung mobile you can install the update from the Galaxy Store, the Korean manufacturer's Android app store.

If you have another brand you will need to install the Epic store, which is located in As in the installation of any APK, we will have to give the browser permissions to be able to install external applications, and then return to the process.

This way you can not only update this new version but to anyone that Epic launches in the future even if the game did not return to the Google app store. However, we won't be able to use our Google profile to make in-game purchases.

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