How to prevent groups on Instagram from bothering you

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Group chats are very common, although not always desired, as could be seen on WhatsApp in Spain a few months ago. Therefore, the messaging application has an option that allows us to choose who can or cannot add us to a group chat. It is not the only application where we find an option of this type, we also find it on Instagram.

Direct messages from Instagram give the possibility to create group conversations. It is a function that can be useful, but many people do not like or interest. The good news is that in the application settings we can silence this at all times.

Block notifications from group chats on InstagramUnlike WhatsApp, the social network does not allow us to choose which people can add us to a group conversation. In your case, we can only silence notifications and requests on our account. So at least we are not going to have problems with that group, silence it as we can do in WhatsApp.

  1. Open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Click on the icon to enter your profile.
  3. Slide the side menu by pressing the three horizontal stripes.
  4. Go into Settings.
  5. Click on Notifications.
  6. Go to the Direct Messages section.
  7. Go down to the section called Group Requests.
  8. Click on Deactivate.
  9. Exit the settings.
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These steps give you at least a little more peace of mind because you have muted group notifications on Instagram. Although the social network still does not allow us to avoid being added to them, something that many users would surely want in their accounts. Therefore, if there is a user who adds us continuously to these group conversations, the best we can do is block that person, to avoid being in these groups.

If you enter any of your Instagram Direct conversations, you will see that there is an information section. You can either block this person or use the restricted option. Restrict will not block that account, but what it will do is limit their interaction and contact with you, so you will have less inconvenience. There may be times when this will help you in the app.

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