How to protect Google's password autocomplete with your fingerprint

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Password auto-completion has been a feature in Android for a couple of years. Many users in Spain make use of it so that the login to a website or application is faster and simpler. Also, the next version of Android promises improvements in this regard, but even before its arrival, Google improves this function.

To make password auto-completion on Android even more secure, Google now lets you use fingerprint or facial recognition. By using biometrics, users are allowed to confirm the auto-completion of said password, preventing another person from entering without permission.

Authorize password autocompletion with your fingerprint

This feature had been in testing for a few months and Google finally released it for all users. Thanks to it, it is possible to confirm your startup data using your fingerprint or facial recognition. This feature still allows quick login to any app or web page, but it provides an additional layer of security for users.

Google has begun to roll out this function for users, although it will have to be activated first so that you will be able to use biometrics as a way to confirm that password auto-completion. The steps to proceed with its activation are the following:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Enter the Google section.
  • Tap Autocomplete.
  • Go to the section called Autocomplete with Google.
  • Enter the option called Security of the AutoComplete function.
  • Activate the Credentials option.

With these simple steps, you are giving the password autocomplete function an additional layer of security, without making the login to applications or web pages worse. Since it is still a quick and simple process, only now it is even more secure than before, since data such as your password will be well protected.

Google is rolling out this feature to Android users already. It may have already arrived, although you will not have to wait too long for it to become official in your account, you can always use the beta of the Google app so you do not have to wait.

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