How to use search filters in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store starts showing free and premium filters for searches

The selection of apps and games available on the Google Play Store is huge. Therefore, when performing a search in the store, it is difficult for many users to find the application they were looking for. The good part is that the store makes this process somewhat easier thanks to functions such as filters, which arrived in Spain this spring.

The idea of these filters in the Google Play Store is to be able to find games or apps more easily. Since the function of them, as the name suggests, is that we will be able to filter the results when we are searching. The selection of filters is relatively wide and easy to use.

Because there are many apps in the app store, filters will be a good help in searches. We can combine them with searches in categories so that we have a much more accurate and faster search, which will give a positive result at all times.

Use Google Play Store filters

The Google Play Store also knows when to use those filters, because if we introduce a term like Netflix when it comes to searching for something, we won't have that option, because it's clear what we're looking for at the moment. We will consider what we are looking for so that they will help us in that search. Let's see that we come across filters when we use very general words or search terms.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Enter a search term (for example, email).
  3. Look at the options that come out under the search bar, as they are the filters.
  4. Select the filters you want to use.
  5. Wait for the selection of apps in the list to be reduced.
  6. Find the desired app.
Google Play Store is getting useful filters for finding new apps - SlashGear

The filters that we find are several, such as being able to choose only those applications with good ratings (more than 4 stars), also the most recent to have arrived in the store, as well as the selection of editors, where we find applications that are recommended by Google. There are also filters like premium, in case you want to choose paid apps, or just prevent those apps from showing in search.

Thanks to them, you can do an accurate and simple search in the Google Play Store. So if you're looking for an app in general, for a certain action or function, filters will help you make that search for good results.

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