Within the smart home apps and product market, Level is one of the most recently raided companies. However, the launch of its second product, Level Touch, promises to further raise the safety standards that characterize this type of home.

In this sense, the Level Touch consists of a technology where the Touch features the same intelligent engineering and elegant design of the Level bolt but condensed into a complete lock replacement, where its operation does not involve any bolt parts.

As for its price, the Level Touch has been put up for sale for 329 dollars, is available in a wide variety of finishes that can be appreciated on the Level website.

Level Touch Smart Lock Conveniently Unlocks With a Tap | Digital Trends

And while the Touch makes use of the same internal mechanism as a bolt, it has been equipped with a front bezel with a keyhole, plus a rear bezel with a traditional lever. In this way, it becomes a perfect replacement for the lock parts of a door.

Once the expansion to the outdoor components occurs, the Level Touch can support the capacitive touch to unlock or close the door, being able to authenticate via Bluetooth LE, making use of the phone in your pocket. This is how when you approach the door and press the outside of the lock it will unlock for you.

Added to these touch controls, you can have the possibility to open the locks with NFC access cards, 2 of them included in the lock, which you can delete remotely or cancel their access in case you lose them.

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