Slaughtering your Viking enemies can also be a delight if you play Bad North for iPhone and iPad

Massacreing your Viking enemies can also be a delight if you play Bad North for iPhone and iPad

I never thought that slaughtering Vikings just landed on my island would be so entertaining. Not even remotely imagined it could be delicious. I've been looking for a real-time strategy (RTS) game to entertain myself on the iPhone for a long time. One that was paid, with an end and some development that would allow improving troops, weapons, or experience. A week ago I found Bad North, a game that meets all those requirements with a lot of violence involved.

Defend your islands from the attack of the ferocious VikingsBad North is a game where each level is an island that is under your command. You must defend it from the attack of increasingly ferocious and aggressive Vikings. And for this, you only have a handful of troops that you must deploy and coordinate to repel all their attacks.

The attackers come in boats that land on your beaches. They can come from any angle, as long as it is not a cliff or a forest. Crowded with troops, the moment they dislodge their furious cargo, the Vikings will lay waste to everything in front of them. To win the battle, we must meet these requirements:

  • Keep at least 1 building standing.
  • Reject every attack.
  • Survive with at least 1 commander.
This last point is very important since the fallen commanders during the battle cannot be recovered. This adds a special complexity since the development of each of them is very expensive. Leaving the game means leaving behind all the commanders who have not left the island, which they can do if they get into one of those boats that are large enough.

Of course, after completing the game for the first time we can activate the option to restart the level. This will prevent us from having to lose our most valuable commanders, which makes it easier to beat the game on more difficult levels.

Move your archers, spearmen, and swordsmen here and there to win
In Bad North, you will have to move your troops from one side to the other. In a frenzy, to make sure every enemy is slaughtered in the most efficient way possible. Because when you defeat one, there is another boat ready to vomit another mountain of enemies.
You only have three types of soldiers: archers, spearmen, and swordsmen. Each of them stands out against one or more types of enemies and situations, as an animated variant of rock, paper, or scissors. The archer's triumph before the enemy infantry; swordsmen in front of archers and others who throw objects; spearmen against units that require melee to damage you.

Yours is the decision to see where you take each of them when you do it, and with what strategy you are going to face the enemy. It's a good idea to put your archers in the front line, at least until the enemy is about to land. Swordsmen protect themselves with their shields from the showers of arrows and other weapons. And spearmen are real butchers if you place them one square further from shore.

Each saved building will provide us with coins that we will use in the development and improvement of troops. In general, it's a good idea to advance your archers to the elite level and use them to lay waste to the enemy before they touch the ground, at which point you sweep away the survivors with the rest of the soldiers.

Islands map

Strategy and beauty in the same game

What characterizes Bad North, in addition to its island-landing format, are the animations, sounds, and visual effects. Although it seems like a simple game, we find a 3D game that moves perfectly with our touch. All this is integrated in a way that makes it a real delight if staining the walls of a cliff crimson can be described in this way.

If we measure the quality of a game by its ability to hook you and absorb hours of your life, Bad North is at the top of that ranking. In just a couple of days this weekend, it has been a real black hole. And in five days I have had it on the easy, normal, and hard levels.

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