More problems for Huawei: it would stop manufacturing its Kirin processors due to Trump's veto

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Huawei continues to be one of the most relevant brands in Spain, with such outstanding models as the P40 Pro Plus. Although the brand is losing ground, as a result of the United States sanctions. These past months, the company had obtained several extensions in its blockades, so that it could continue collaborating with American companies.

Although this is now coming to an end and has important consequences for Huawei. Since September 15, the brand will not be able to manufacture its Kirin processors. This is the date on which the brand will no longer be able to have contact with its suppliers in the United States. So it is a hard blow for the brand.

Huawei will not be able to manufacture Kirin processorsJust a few days ago it was said that Huawei was going to present its next Kirin processor at IFA 2020, the chip that we are going to see in the Mate 40. It seems that it will be the last device of the brand that uses a Kirin processor, for now at least. As a result of the sanctions imposed by the United States, the brand cannot use any technology that comes from the United States.

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This new decision means that the manufacturer will have to change its strategy, since a large part of the brand's catalog, as well as that of Honor, makes use of Kirin processors. Also, this has been a field in which the brand has managed to stand out, being the first to bet on 7 nm and will also be the first to use 5 nm in the Kirin 1000. Therefore, a key part of its current business.

This year could, therefore, be the last year with high-end Huawei Kirin processors. The brand is thus obliged to seek a new strategy and to seek alternatives to use high-end processors. Although the brand affirms that they will continue working on advances at the operating system level, cloud services, or chips, in addition to supporting the Chinese industry, which will continue to advance at a great pace in the manufacture of new generation semiconductors.

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Last Friday a new tightening of Trump's veto on China was announced, which thus has immediate consequences for Huawei. As confirmed by Caixin, which has contacted the company, they are now forced to stop the production of their Kirin processors. Until now the brand has had it complicated at the software level, but this measure also makes it difficult at the hardware level.

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