Pokemon Masters celebrates its anniversary with a name change

Pokemon Masters celebrates one year anniversary with major new ...

A year ago, Pokémon Masters for Android phones was launched in Spain, a launch that did not cause a great impact, but which has managed to make a gap between users. The game has not been particularly popular, as many have accused it of being especially boring, but it has been on the Play Store for a year now.
Normally, the celebration of a first anniversary is usually the time to introduce changes in the game, which is what will happen in Pokémon Masters, which will even change its name. It has already been announced that the game will change its name later this month.
Pokémon Masters debuts name

In this top video, the studio behind the game has announced the news coming for its first anniversary. Among them, we find a new name for the game. As of August 27, it will become Pokémon Masters EX, coinciding with the fact that the game is one year old on Android devices. Along with the name change, the company will introduce a series of new features in it.

  • Sygna Suit Cynthia & Komo-o: Sygna Suit Cynthia & Komo-o's Dragon-type synced pairing will debut in the Spotlight Scout synced pair, which is available until September 2.
  • Legendary Event - Cyrus and Palkia: The Cyrus and Palkia couple star in an in-game event titled New World Dilemma, which is available now until September 2 for those who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story.
  • Lance & Dragonite Return: The Lance & Dragonite Dragon-type pair has returned and will be available in the Spotlight Scout sync pair from August 19 to September 2.
  • Rock-type Egg Event: This event allows players to earn Pokémon Eggs, which can be converted into Rock-type Pokémon such as Aeordactyl, Onix, Geodude, and Kabuto. Rare and shiny versions of Aerodactyl and Kabuto can also be obtained. All Egg-hatched Pokémon can be paired with the game's main character to fight each other. This event is available now until August 24.
  • Celebration Themed Pokémon Center: A specially decorated version of the Pokémon Center in the game will be available for players to explore for a limited time.
These new functions are made official from today in Pokémon Masters, so users can download the game in this new version from the Play Store. A series of new features that should help make the game more interesting for Android users. For the name change, we have to wait ten more days, on August 27, it will become Pokémon Masters EX.

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