Richard Stallman, creator of GNU and the GPL, does not trust the privacy of bitcoin and raises an open alternative, GNU Taler

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Richard M. Stallman (RMS) is a staunch defender of privacy and the movement he created around free software, and that makes him mistrust cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular.

In a recent interview, he related bitcoin to China and what that means for the privacy of its users, but he also raised an alternative called GNU Taler that is not even a cryptocurrency but that according to him could be used for those digital payments.

Of bitcoin, nothingFor years RMS has advocated tooth and nail for the principles of free software and the Copyleft license, and its stance on privacy has always been equally strong.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, the creator of GNU has indicated his reservations regarding "digital payment systems that are fundamentally dangerous if they are not developed at the engineering level with the idea of ​​guaranteeing privacy".

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Also, he added, "China is the enemy of privacy. China shows what totalitarian surveillance is like. I think that's like hell on Earth. Partly that's why I haven't used cryptocurrencies that have been issued by the community. Yes, cryptocurrencies are issued by a government, people will be watched as they do with credit cards or PayPal, and all those systems are completely unacceptable. "

Stallman does not use electronic payment systems, "and that includes bitcoin" because "every bitcoin transaction is published. People may not know that my wallet belongs to me, but if I use it a few times it might be possible to imagine that it belongs to me. I prefer to use cash, and it's the way I buy things. "

The alternative could be GNU TalerThe creator of the Free Software Foundation also does not trust privacy-focused alternatives to bitcoin, but also adds that " the GNU project has developed something much better, which is GNU Taler ."

As Stallman explains, GNU Taler is not a cryptocurrency as such, and in fact "it is not a currency. It is a payment system designed to be used for anonymous payments to businesses ." A "blind signature is used by the person who pays, but whoever does it needs to identify himself in each purchase to obtain money from the system.


Thus, says the creator and evangelizer of the GNU movement, "you can use your bank account to obtain Taler tokens, and you can spend them and whoever receives the money will not be able to say who has paid them ." For Stallman, this provides a lot more privacy than cryptocurrencies do.

According to Stallman, the European Community seems interested in supporting payments with GNU Taler, and mentions that there has already been positive evidence, although he acknowledges that "it is not something that anyone can use right now but it will be, and it will be really exciting."

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