Samsung Galaxy M31, analysis and opinion

Samsung Galaxy M31

The range of mobiles below 300 euros is one of the most competitive on the market. Samsung has presented its Galaxy M31, a very well equipped mobile for its price. We tell you all the details in this analysis of the Galaxy M31 and we give you our opinion.

The mid-range is one of the most complicated for Android smartphones, and of it, the hardest is, without a doubt, the one that encompasses smartphones with a price range below 300 euros.

Samsung has already presented its proposal for this price range that will replace the Samsung Galaxy M30, although it is committed to very continuous specifications concerning the Galaxy M30s.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 is committed to a good quality screen, a huge 6,000 mAh battery, and a very reasonable price that is set at 279 euros. We tell you everything in this analysis and opinion of the Samsung Galaxy M31.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

Continuity in a design that is lagging behindThe Samsung Galaxy M31 will not be remembered as the smartphone with the best design and finishes in the South Korean firm's catalog.

In this smartphone, we will not find a list of premium materials or science fiction designs. Samsung has preferred to invest a little less abroad to give the rest on the inside.

At a first glance at the Galaxy M31, we find few aesthetic differences from the overall design as they both share the smooth, rounded lines outlined on a polycarbonate back that forms the unibody body of the Samsung Galaxy M31.

The Galaxy M31 we are reviewing sports the glossy metallic blue finish, but it is also available in black and red finishes. The curve is a constant in the design of this Samsung mobile, which fits perfectly in the palm.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

It is a smartphone with a size of 159.2 x 75.1cm and 8.9 mm thick. Quite an achievement considering that it is a mobile that comes very well equipped in terms of battery and that remains at 191 grams of weight.

The most prominent feature at the rear is the camera module located in the upper left corner. This module follows the square distribution trend that Samsung has adopted in its 2020 models, with a very contained thickness that barely protrudes from the back.

Centered in the upper third the fingerprint sensor is integrated. As with the Samsung Galaxy M30s, the fingerprint sensor is too far and does not provide easy activation.

Also, its shallow depth makes it not easy to find it by touch. This, together with the ease of catching fingerprints from its glossy finish, will make it difficult to keep the back of the smartphone clean.

The most interesting is found in the lower part of the Samsung Galaxy M31 since here is the 3.5 mm connector for headphones, the USB type C that provides data connectivity, and fast charging, as well as the only external multimedia speaker that integrates this Samsung smartphone.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

An outstanding display for this price rangeSamsung usually stands out for the quality of the screen that it mounts on all its smartphones, each one according to its category, of course.

With the Galaxy M31, I was not going to make an exception and the South Korean firm maintains the same type of screen that it had already been using in its mobile phones from the Galaxy M range last year.

It is an Infinity-U panel with an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 of 6.4 inches with Full HD + resolution (2,340 x 1,080 px) and Super AMOLED technology that improves the quality concerning the IPS screens that mount its most direct rivals.

Thanks to the AMOLED technology of this screen, the Galaxy M31 shows intense and vibrant colors, something that some users may perceive as oversaturated, and purer blacks that enhance the contrast. The intensity of the colors can be adjusted without major problems from the display settings of the operating system.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

In general, it is a good quality screen, although for our taste we have found that the screen tends towards a somewhat cold white balance, so we have opted for a Vivid screen setting with a slight correction.

The level of brightness is really impressive for mobile in this category, presenting an intensity typical of higher-end mobile phones since, despite not having official support for HDR, the brightness of its screen does allow to show this type of content and In fact, this function is automatically activated when playing HDR videos on YouTube.

An old acquaintance under the hood already crying out for renewalAs was the case in the design section, Samsung has not put all the meat on the spit of the performance of this new generation of Galaxy M31, limiting itself to a minor update in the amount of RAM.

This means that, although it may be enough for day to day, the Samsung Galaxy M31 can shake its legs when it is demanded a little more than usual.

Under its casing, we find the same Exynos 9611 eight-core processor that was mounted on the Galaxy M30s and that it shares with its younger brother, the Samsung Galaxy M21. In essence, the core of this processor is in turn an update of the Exynos 9610 to which only support for 64-megapixel cameras has been added.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

In the day-to-day of the smartphone, running apps such as social networks, messaging, or mail, the Galaxy M31 does not present the slightest problem. The 6 GB of RAM serves as a support to improve the fluidity with which the system moves.

However, jerks and an obvious lack of power are appreciated when trying to load more or less heavy content from the browser (with a variety of photos and videos), slowing down the loading process.

Something similar happens when playing games, where the processor does manage to get them ahead, but not without a visible effort, taking several seconds to open them or change levels.

Once inside the game, the Mali G72 MP3 GPU allows playing demanding titles such as PUBG, Call of Duty, or Asphalt 9, but not without first giving up a certain graphic quality to maintain fluidity in the game.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

One UI 2.0 joins Android 10 to improve the user experienceSamsung Galaxy M31 comes with One UI 2.0, the new version of Samsung's layer that runs based on an Android 10 system.

The conjunction of One UI 2.0 and Android 10 makes the interface move smoothly and easy to use, but it also has some limitations such as the inability to use Discover by integrating it to the left of the main screen.

One UI 2.0 maintains the ease of use inherent in stock Android systems intact but adds some Samsung-specific functions and features to give it added value without overloading it. That makes it possible to maintain a simple aesthetic and without unexpected closures or delays.

In this section, the Galaxy M31 has an improved gesture system that allows the traditional navigation bar with three buttons to be replaced by an equivalent gesture system.

Besides, it allows adapting the interface to use with one hand by bringing the top of the screen closer to the user's thumb.

Diseño Samsung Galaxy M31

Although it is not a gaming-oriented smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M31 that we are analyzing has some solutions in this regard, such as the Game Booster function that we mentioned in the previous section, or Game Launcher.

This launcher groups the installed games and offers additional information about updates, and new games available in the Samsung Store, while allowing you to control some settings during the games, such as direct access to take screenshots or screen recordings during the game or monitor the temperature and terminal performance.

A mobile that wanted to be in the A range, but it fell a little shortSamsung has very well defined the categories of its smartphones. In the mid-range, we find the M-series smartphones, with very competitive characteristics and prices for the mid-range; and those of the A-series that are slightly above the M for those users who are looking for something more in a mid-range mobile.

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