Samsung will change the cameras of the Galaxy S21: goodbye to the ToF sensor

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Samsung left us at the beginning of this year with the range of the Galaxy S20 in Spain, a family that will have three years of updates. In this range of phones, the Korean brand opted for various combinations of cameras, varying between models, although in all of them we find a ToF sensor.
The ToF (Time of Flight) sensor was present in this Galaxy S20s, but in the range of Galaxy Note 20s presented last week there was no trace of it. It seems that this is something that Samsung is going to repeat for next year, with the Galaxy S21.
Samsung says goodbye to the ToF sensorSamsung is not abandoning this technology completely, because it is expected that shortly they will use it again. Only in these Galaxy S21, you will not use it. The problem is that Apple and Sony have the exclusive for Direct ToF technology, which forces brands like South Korea to use indirect ToF technology, which is not as powerful and has more limitations. These limitations are what have made them make this decision.

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The brand is working on the development of ToF technologies, so we will surely see more news from you in the future. Although facing the Galaxy S21 that would become official at the beginning of next year, there would not yet be a new technology ready, so this generation will not have a ToF sensor like this year.
Whether Samsung will use a ToF sensor again will depend on the progress made in this field, whether made by the brand itself or others in the sector. The company prefers to wait for the evolution of this technology without having a leading role in its development, or at least now. Especially since Apple has an exclusive agreement with Sony to use the Japanese brand's ToF sensors. Depending on the market reaction, the next step for the Korean firm will be determined.

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Therefore, at the moment it seems that the Galaxy S21 will not have this ToF sensor, although it is not ruled out that it will make its entry again in the range of the Galaxy Note 21 at the end of summer next year. Although there are still months for it, so it will be necessary to see if Samsung changes its strategy again.
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