Screen protector on the Galaxy S20: What to keep in mind

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Currently, many Android phones have a fingerprint sensor under the screen. Also, the range of Samsung's Galaxy S20, which we can buy in Spain for months, has one. In his case, the Korean brand has opted for an ultrasonic sensor, like the one we saw in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 last year.

This type of sensor is not without problems, we could already see it with those phones. In these phones, as in the Galaxy S20, the brand has installed a screen protector as standard. Although if you want to use a different one, from another brand, many do not know if it will work or if it will be possible to use it.

Finding the ideal screen protector for the Galaxy S20

Many users want to use a screen saver on their phones. Even if you have a fingerprint sensor under the screen, there are usually no problems when using a protector. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S20, it will be possible too, although there are certain aspects to take into account.

Although we can use a third-party screen protector, instead of the one that the brand brings as standard, not all of them may serve us. Since it is possible that with some of them the fingerprint sensor on the phone will not work correctly, which is something that will prevent a good use of the phone.

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One problem we encountered is that many brands advertise as compatible with the Galaxy S20, but the screen protector they offer is not compatible. So there is a risk that you will buy something that will not work well and that it will cause problems or prevent you from using the phone's fingerprint sensor.

How to select

When choosing a screen protector there are two options: tempered glass or a plastic protector. Either of these two options will allow you to use the Galaxy S20's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor normally, which is what most users worry about.

A plastic screen protector, like the one that comes standard with these phones, usually presents few problems when it comes to working with the fingerprint sensor of these phones. The tempered glass is where we can find more problems so that the fingerprint sensor will respond when we want to use it. Although there are a few options that will allow it to work.

Luckily, there are screen protectors and tempered glass that are verified for this Galaxy S20. This gives us a guarantee that they will work with these devices and that they will not interfere with the operation of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor of these devices at any time.

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Is it worth buying one?

Considering that the Galaxy S20 comes with a standard screen protector, buying one does not seem like something really necessary. This protector allows the phone not to suffer damage to its screen, such as scratches or bumps, in addition to allowing the device's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor to function normally at all times. So really this protector is more than enough, especially since most use a case with the phone.

If you want a tempered glass, which is a very popular option, you have to make sure that it is one of the verified tempered glass for this range of the Samsung Galaxy S20. Since if you buy one that claims to be valid, but is not, you probably have problems using the fingerprint sensor.

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