South Korea already sets dates for 6G deployment


5G is still in the deployment phase, it arrived last year in Spain in an initial phase. While in many countries it will not be fully deployed until the end of this year. Despite this, the view is already set on the arrival of the 6G. There are already several countries and companies that are already working on this new generation, the last of South Korea.

A couple of weeks ago, the best-known company in South Korea already set a date for the deployment of the 6G. We talk about Samsung, which shared the first details about this next generation. The government of the country now presents a plan for the deployment of this technology, revealing the dates with which they work.

South Korea already plans 6GAccording to the roadmap that has been presented, South Korea wants to have a 6G pilot program in 2026. In this way, it would take about seven years since 5G started in the country until these first tests, so that it adjusts to what is usually the transition period between these generations.

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Once this testing period has been completed, with this pilot program, the government of the country expects that this new generation will be ready to start being marketed between 2028 and 2030. So it could take up to four years from the conclusion of said pilot program until it finally reaches the market. The government of the country is also preparing everything for the celebration of this program.

South Korea is currently preparing an investment of about 150 billion euros for this 6G pilot program. The country hopes in this way that with the first installations it will be able to reach speeds that would be five times higher than the maximum speed that 5G can reach, also reducing latency to one-tenth of the current one (going to 0, 1 millisecond this way).

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With this plan, South Korea hopes to be one of the first countries to have 6G ready. In January of this year, Japan also revealed its plans, so it seems that these countries and probably also China will become the first to have everything ready.

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