Taskade becomes completely free: a must-have productivity app

Taskade seleccion multiple

Taskade is a task application for Android, which stands out for being one of the best options to perform group work. Many users in Spain will likely make use of it on their phones. Originally, the app was free for users, although a couple of years ago they introduced premium features, for which it was necessary to pay.

As of today, these premium features become free, so Taskade is now free for private users. Thanks to this it is possible to have access to all the functions of this task application, ideal for working as a team, without having to pay money for it.

Taskade modo offline

Taskade is free for everyone
Now it will be possible to create projects and drafts without any limit, collaborate with all the users you want, and be able to use the app on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or Linux), from the same account. In addition, it allows you to enjoy a number of new functions that are introduced in Taskade, for better use of this application.

One of the new features is better multiple selections in the app. It is allowed to select several tasks at the same time, to change their order, highlight them, or change their format to your liking. The application also supports offline mode in its mobile version, so you can use it without any problem even if you don't have an Internet connection on your phone at that time. Although you can only read tasks in this release, you can't edit them.

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Another feature that is left to us in this new version of the application is the automation of repetitive tasks and workflows. Tasks that are repeated with a certain frequency can now be easily repeated, making it easier to use the application. This feature is also released on all versions of the application, on all platforms, so it can be used more comfortably in your account.

If you want to enjoy these features, it is now possible to access all of them for free in Taskade. Here you can see all the features that you have available in the app in its free version, which is now available today. 

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