The best tricks for the Galaxy S20 camera

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In February of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 range was presented, a family of phones called to dominate the high-end Android range in 2020. We have been able to buy them in Spain for months, and the three models have left us with good feelings in its various analyzes, especially since its camera is one of the best on the market.
The cameras of these Galaxy S20 give us many possibilities, both for their capabilities and their customization options. Since the camera app in One UI is one of the most versatile that we find in Android today. Here we show you some tricks to take advantage of that camera.
Customize the camera app

The camera application in One UI that we find in these Galaxy S20 allows us to customize the modes that are in it, as well as the order. When we enter the More menu in it, we see that a series of modes or functions appear, which we can use. You may not like the order in which they appear, so the application lets you alter this. Also, the modes that appear in the bottom bar in the main part of the app can be modified. So you will have in that bar those functions that you are going to use most frequently.
  • Open the camera app.
  • Click on More.
  • Click on the pencil icon.
  • Rearrange the modes to your liking.
  • Delete if you want modes you don't use.
Take better selfies with the Galaxy S20The camera of the Galaxy S20 has a function that will allow us to take better selfies. On some occasions, when we want to take a selfie, we cannot always press the button to take the photo, and if we do, it is possible that said photo is not as we want. Luckily, in the camera app, we can activate the floating button. This button moves around the screen, to make it easier for us to get it out. The steps to activate it are:
  • Open the camera app.
  • Click on the gear icon to enter the settings.
  • Go to the section Shooting methods.
  • Activate the option called Floating Camera Button.
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Use the volume buttons to zoom
The camera zoom is one of the highlights in this family of the Galaxy S20s. When we need to zoom when taking a photo, we are given several possibilities, although normally we have to use the screen to increase or reduce said zoom. Although this camera app also allows us to use the volume buttons of the phone for this. In many situations, it can be more comfortable for the user. It is activated in this way:
  • Open the camera app.
  • Press on the gear wheel to enter settings.
  • Enter Shooting Methods.
  • Click on the "Press volume button to".
  • Choose Zoom.
Use Single Take mode

There are times when we want to have the perfect moment in the photo, get something that is spontaneous, and looks good. One of the best functions in the camera of these Galaxy S20 is Single Take. This function is based on artificial intelligence to give us several versions of the same moment, using each of the phone's cameras. Since it will capture up to 10 seconds, using various camera modes. In this way, we can decide later which one we like, or if we want to use them in a time-lapse, for example. To use this mode, we follow these steps:
  • Open the camera app.
  • Click on More.
  • Click on Single Take.
  • Capture that moment.
  • Check if you want to use all or only part.

Take photos of 64 or 108 Mpx
The Galaxy S20 and S20 + have a 64MP main camera and the S20 Ultra a 108MP camera. Therefore, we can take photos in that resolution using the phone, although this function is disabled by default in it. So when we want to take a photo using the camera, we will only have to activate it to be able to take a 64 Mpx or a 108 Mpx photo. To do this, you just have to do this:
  • Open the camera app.
  • Tap the 3: 4 icon.
  • Activate the 3: 4 64 Mpx option for the camera.
  • Take 64MP photos.

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