The Radar COVID app is activated in Spain

There is no doubt that the most relevant topic of 2020 is COVID-19. This disease has changed the way we live, work, travel, and communicate.

Different countries have taken more or less similar measures, such as the quarantine that we have experienced for three months in Spain. Another action has been the development of applications to control the exposure we have to people who have the coronavirus.

Spain has developed one using the APIs created by Google and Apple, called Radar COVID. It was first tested in the Canary Islands but now it is finally beginning to be deployed in other communities.

The citizens of Andalusia, Cantabria, Aragón and Extremadura can now use the Radar COVID app

These four autonomous communities have been the first to activate the testing phase of this application, which allows us to install it on our mobile phones and will notify us if we are in contact with a person who has passed COVID-19.

How Radar COVID works, the official contact tracing app in Spain

This application could be downloaded since June of this year from the Google Play Store but integration with the health services of the different autonomous communities was not going to arrive until September 15.

These four areas mentioned have started the use of the application provisionally a month before. The rest of the communities continue working to activate the application. In the next few days, the different cities will begin to manage the data created by this network.

We have to remember that this application does not use the mobile sensors to locate us as apps as Facebook or Google Maps do. Thus, not installing it for not wanting to violate our privacy will not be a logical decision, but rather harmful for everyone.

There is more data on how the application works on the website of the Ministry of Health, with details such as that users can decide, or not, to communicate without having tested positive.

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