The realme 6i stands up to the Xiaomi: it goes down to 159 euros and has fast charging and 5,000 mAh battery

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For many users, several features are not of interest at all, since what they are looking for is clear: a cheap mobile phone, with good performance and with a long-lasting battery.

In this description, the realme 6i fits perfectly, a mobile that has for example 5,000 mAh of battery, and that performs exceptionally, as we could see first-hand in its analysis. Also, it is now discounted to only 159 euros on Amazon.

It is the lowest price it has had to date, and offer that makes it even more worthwhile as an alternative to several of the more affordable Xiaomi, and it is clear that the war between Xiaomi and realme is the reason why their mobiles fall in price almost constantly.

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The price, those € 159, is competitive if we look at that it has a Mediatek Helio G80 as a processor, fast charging at 18W and NFC for mobile payments, the latter two features that always provide and that are not usually seen in such cheap mobiles as is the realme 6i now.

The proof of this is that, for example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 moves more or less around that strip, but in its version without NFC. It is true that in your case there are other points in favor, such as the Full HD + screen, although the realme stands out in some other things.

What is clear is that you lean towards the realme ( € 159 ) or the Redmi Note 9 ( € 158 ) you will have a phone for several years and with a fairly good performance in every way.

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In addition to everything we mentioned, it should be noted that as there are more than € 29 in your order, you would have free shipping to any part of Spain. If you have Amazon Prime, things improve, since delivery is much faster.

If not, you can always take advantage of this moment to sign up for Prime's free trial month with no commitment to stay.

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