The Redmi 8A begins to update to Android 10

Redmi 8A Android 10 update begins roll out in stable version, No ...

The range of Redmi phones has managed to make a hole in the Spanish market, with models with adjusted prices. A model that was launched last year in Spain was the Redmi 8A, a model that arrived at a very reasonable price. This device now becomes the next in the brand's catalog to update to Android 10.

This Redmi 8A was launched with Android Pie as the operating system, but it was not known if it would have access to the update to Android 10, because it is one of the most modest models in the firm's catalog. Luckily, the update is rolling out around the world now.

Android 10 for the Redmi 8ALast month the update to Android 10 for this Redmi 8A began to be launched in China. Although at that time there was no data on when the international version of it was going to be launched, after several weeks that moment has come. The international version of the update is rolling out for the phone.

Both the European, Russian and Indian versions are getting the update. So users in Spain with this phone will not have to wait too long to already have Android 10 on it. Along with the update, the July security patch is released, at least in the global version. It looks like the European version is getting the August security patch. So users will have the latest protection.

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The Redmi 8A gets Android 10, although it will continue to use MIUI 11 as a customization layer for now. The phone is going to receive MIUI 12 at some point, but no dates have been given yet for it. The update to Android 10 will be the last update of the operating system because this model will not have access to the update to Android 11.

If you own a Redmi 8A, you shouldn't have to wait too long to get the OTA with the update. As usual in these cases, it is advisable to use the WiFi to update to this new version of the operating system, because the updates are heavy.

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