These are the best artificial intelligence applications chosen by Google

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Artificial intelligence is one of the areas of technology that has been growing the most in recent years. A smartphone is a great tool for these types of applications, and there are increasingly more capable processors for these activities within our pocket.
Although Google has a great development in its applications, by leading the development of Android it also has an interest in incentivizing developers to create great artificial intelligence applications. And it has awarded some of the best artificial intelligence applications.
These applications have been chosen by GoogleMachine learning is one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence. Through multiple comparisons, an application can learn by itself according to the patterns it finds. The clearest example is Google Photos, an application that is capable of learning the faces of each person and automatically categorizing the photos.

One of the last Google competitions for developers has been focused on Machine Learning on devices. This means that the applications that have been selected using artificial intelligence from Android itself, without the need for an internet connection to process the information. These applications have as main focus to be useful for users.
The best Machine Learning applications: what they do and by whom they were created

  • AgroDoc: This application helps farmers to diagnose plant diseases and plan a treatment plan.
  1. Created by Navneet Krishna; Kochi, India.
  • AgriFarm: Helps farmers detect plant diseases and prevent further damage to fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, corn, and potatoes.
  1. Created by Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • Eske: Facilitates money management in the Congo, allowing you to transfer money, pay bills, buy subscriptions, and various other operations by SMS.
  1. Created by David Mumbere Kathoh; Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Lee: Helps students learn sign language and symbols.
  1. Created by Prince Patel; Bengaluru, India.
  • expose A streaming platform that allows yoga and fitness teachers to teach, track, and offer advice in real-time.
  1. Created by Peter Ma; San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Pathfinder: Helps visually impaired people to move in complex situations.
  1. Created by Colin Shelton; Addison, Texas, USA.
  • Snore & Cough: Analyzes snoring and coughing to offer extra information when asking for help from doctors.
  1. Created by Ethan Fan; Mountain View, California, USA.
  • Stila: After pairing with a wearable like Fitbit or Wear OS, it monitors the level of stress in the body.
  1. Created by Yingdin Wing; Munich, Germany
  • Trashy: Application designed to help you recycle. Point the camera at something that you are going to throw away, and the application will identify what type of object it is so that you know which recycling bin it goes to.
  1. Created by Elvin Rakhmankulov; Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • UnoDogs: Application dedicated to offering help to pet owners, offering information and fitness programs for their furry friends.
  1. Created by Chinmany Mishra; New Delhi, India.

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