This Xiaomi 5G mobile does not reach 300 euros: stay ahead of the future with the Mi 10 Lite in this offer

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The arrival of 5G on international networks is practically imminent. With all the delays that can accumulate, there are already many cities where coverage is starting to arrive.

This makes more and more users think about buying a 5G mobile, a cheap one if possible, although that until recently was ruled out. Not anymore, and is that for example, Xiaomi sells the Mi 10 Lite 5G for only € 268 in AliExpress Plaza.

This online store has its warehouse in Spain, so it makes national shipments and in 72 working hours you will have your order at home, in addition to the two-year warranty established by law.

Amazon, for example, sells it for € 299, which is not bad at all if we take into account that its official price is € 359 in the Mi Store.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G analysis

It is a luxury, and it is that you should not be fooled by its price: the Mi 10 Lite is a very good mobile, as we could see in its analysis. Not only does it have 5G but it also has a lot of power for the price, an NFC chip for mobile payments, and an exceptional fast charge.

It is by no means the only mobile with 5G that you can buy at a good price right now. Here we list a list with several of them, among which is the Mi 10 Lite, but also other great options such as the OnePlus Nord just presented and that we have already had the chance to test.

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What is clear is that with the launch of 5G-compatible processors at increasingly affordable prices, mobiles with this technology will also gradually lower their price, although if you want to anticipate, there is no shortage of candidates.

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