15 Cold Email Templates To Generate More Leads

More and more tools are being born to try to say the same thing with fewer words, to attract the user's attention in the first paragraph, and to prevent large amounts of text that we know that no one will read.

In a world of 15 seconds more and more applications are born that generate summaries, that use artificial intelligence to decide what is leftover and what is key to the message, and today we will see three examples that demonstrate it:

Say Less: we discussed it a few days ago. It's based on a Chrome extension and uses AI to write shorter, more effective emails. It integrates with the Gmail web app to help you select and edit what's leftover, so you need human help to be able to get the perfect result. is an AI email assistant that uses GPT-3 to allow you to summarize long emails in short, readable summaries. Generate professional emails from one-line descriptions, and create contextual responses from simple phrases or key points, while correcting grammatical errors in the email. More focused on networking, Kriya AI finds relevant professionals around the world and quickly writes presentation emails for each of them using Open AI GPT-3. Just enter the target filters in a simple language and you can find relevant professionals that match the criteria. We'll look for common attributes on the recipient's resume from public information and automatically write smart email entry snippets.

As you can see, we seem to be getting closer and closer to automating the writing process across multiple sectors. The AI remains unstoppable in its conquest of the world.

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