Vivaldi browser is updated with a better ad blocker

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser for Android among users in Spain, although the selection of browsers is wide. Last September a new browser, called Vivaldi, was launched for Android. Since then, this browser has been advancing in the operating system, in addition to being continuously improving.

These months we have seen how Vivaldi for Android has been updated with new functions, such as the introduction of dark mode. Version 3.2 of the browser now leaves us with a design change, as well as improvements to its adblocker. In this way, enhancing the privacy and security of users, two of its key aspects.

Vivaldi is updated
Vivaldi's ad blocker receives several improvements in this browser update. Since from now on it will be possible to enable more blocklists, being possible to create custom lists. Until now, the browser gave us the ability to add advertising blocklists and public trackers, but now users are given more power. You will be able to create your lists in this regard, with these steps:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go into your settings.
  3. Go to the privacy section.
  4. Tap Tracker & Ad Blocker.
  5. Go to Manage Tracker Blocking Sources / Ad Blocking Sources.
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This improvement in privacy, which will allow us to navigate without advertising or trackers from our Android phone, is not the only change that the browser leaves us in this new version 3.2. As we already mentioned before, some design changes are also introduced in it. They are not excessive changes, but if you use the browser, you will be able to notice them.

The lower function bar in Vivaldi now gets several additional functionalities. Since we find the possibility of exchanging tabs from that place. Thanks to this feature, we can easily manage public and private tabs directly on a single site, without too many complications. We can do this management even with those recent tabs.

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