We tested the Lidl ironing mannequin, does it really iron clothes well?

LIDL ironing mannequin gallery
Ironing is one of the heaviest household chores. The LIDL ironing mannequin comes as a perfect alternative for those who either do not have time or simply, as in my case, have not developed that ability to iron shirts, T-shirts, or blouses.

The ironing mannequin was born a few years ago as an evolution of the vertical iron concept and is that, instead of having a manual steam outlet system that we have to pass through the clothes, this appliance inflates a small shaped bag with hot air mannequin that has perforations and fits perfectly from the inside of the garment.

The Lidl ironing mannequin has become a very successful product within the German supermarket chain, which is a very interesting alternative that for less than 60 euros offers a solution to iron clothes without having to spend more than a few seconds to the process.

LIDL ironing mannequin gallery

The concept itself already promises, and it is that applying heat and that internal tension to clothes in the shape of a mannequin seems that it could solve the aversion that many have to iron. We have tried it, and this time we bring you our impressions after having used it to iron our clothes.

How does the ironing mannequin work? The operation of the Lidl ironing mannequin is quite simple and the most interesting thing about its concept is that, once you place the garment, the drying/ironing time is a time that you can take advantage of to do other things. That is, you do not have to walk with the iron in hand, leaving every part of your shirt or blouse smooth, but it is the mannequin itself that will take care of leaving your ironed clothes after leaving the washing machine through hot air.

How is it used? The first thing is to assemble the mannequin and for that, we introduce the aluminum extendable bar at the bottom and the hanger at the top. After that, the inflatable bag or mannequin has to be placed on the hanger and adjusted with the rubber bands on the bottom in the corresponding area of ​​the base.

LIDL ironing mannequin gallery

And that's it, we only have to connect the base to the electric current with the 150 cm cable that comes out of it. Our mannequin is now ready to iron our garments:

The clothes you want to iron must be damp
According to the manual, the clothes you want to iron must be damp - that is, ideally they should be freshly spun after leaving the washing machine. We have tried to wear dry clothes and although some improvement is noted, the result has nothing to do with doing it with wet clothes.

The procedure is as follows: you place the shirt, blouse or T-shirt on top of the mannequin, remove the inflatable sleeves through the sleeves of the garment and you can use the counterweight clamps on the sides and front parts of the lower part of the garment so that it does not stand up when the mannequin inflates.
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