What movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: Birdman and Her

It's Friday and it's time to recommend a few movies that you should not miss and, fortunately, you have at your disposal on Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video.

Although this last week has not been uploaded too much to the different catalogs of the streaming platforms, all of them have such a background that nothing you dig can find interesting films of all genres, although especially with a fantastic theme, one of the favorites of most subscribers.

Why are we always attracted to horror, science fiction, or fantasy? Knowing different worlds and being overwhelmed with images is an experience that can cause as much tension as relaxation. Cinema is an art in which we highly value the abstraction to which it leads us and being able to enter territories other than our lives is a necessary break, especially in these times of concern.

So we are going to see a few very worthwhile movies on Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video. Are you ready?

Birdman' | Decider | Where To Stream Movies & Shows on Netflix ...

Birdman - NetflixEach film directed by the Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu is an experience. After going through intense dramas such as Amores Perros or Babel and before filming The Revenant, he released Birdman, a film in which fantasy has a different use than is usually seen in North American cinema. Does the character played by Michael Keaton have any power or is it just a projection of his frustrations and doubts? Shot with long sequence shots and shocking moments, Birdman is a provocative film that causes both admiration and rejection. Do you dare with her?

  • Title: Birdman (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance))
  • Release date: 2014
  • Duration: 118 minutes
  • Platform: Netflix
the signal

The Signal - HBO

The North American remake of the movie The Ring is a good example of how to adapt a story to another context without losing perspective. With this and the original, there is a rule: the one you see first is the one that scares you the most. Because if the Gore Verbinski remake achieved one thing, it was to terrorize viewers with this remarkable film where those who watch a VHS end up murdered by ... something better not to know. With The Sign, we find a story of mystery and terror that can accompany you in your later dreams.

  • Title: The signal (The Ring)
  • Release date: 2002
  • Duration: 110 minutes
  • Platform: HBO
Amazon.com: Watch Her | Prime Video

Her - Prime Video
Her is one of those science fiction movies that not only offers an interesting proposition but also confronts the viewer with some questions to think about. The approach taken by the character played by Joaquin Phoenix is ​​as follows: can you fall in love with an AI? Through the contact he has with her, solely by voice, since he lacks a body, the protagonist finds the love he was looking for. But it is not a story that stops there, rather it offers a different world, a perspective of the genre that is worth delving into. Her is a movie that you must see, alone or in the company.

  1. Title: Her
  2. Release date: 2013
  3. Duration: 120 minutes
  4. Platform: Prime Video

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