What to do if the fingerprint reader does not work

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The fingerprint reader is an essential feature in most current Android phones that we can buy in Spain. Except for models of the entry range, although in these devices it is also increasingly common to see it, rarely, a phone does not have one. As with other components or elements of the phone, it may also experience operational problems.

There are times when the phone's fingerprint reader doesn't work. The causes of this failure can be many, as well as its solutions, in some cases of the most curious. We show you what we can do in case the fingerprint sensor of your Android phone does not work.

Register the fingerprint again
The problem may be that the fingerprint reader does not detect our fingerprint, preventing us from unlocking the phone in this way. This is something that can happen without there having been a real problem in said sensor, and in fact, the solution is simple, since all we have to do in this case is to register said fingerprint again. By doing this we can unlock the phone again with the fingerprint. To register it again we follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Enter Biometric Data and Password (in some layers it is within Security).
  • Tap on Fingerprint ID.
  • Go to the Manage Fingerprint section.
  • Tap New fingerprint.
  • Register the new fingerprint.
  • Place your finger correctly
It sounds pretty stupid, but there are times when we are incorrectly placing our finger on the said fingerprint reader, making it unable to read the fingerprint and unlocking the phone, or making a payment, is not possible. It is important to place your finger on your fingerprint sensor correctly, in the same way, that you registered the fingerprint in the first place.

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Also, you have to take into account the type of sensor or its location, since there are times that its precision is not the best, as could be seen with phones like the Galaxy S10. This may require several attempts in some cases, but it does not necessarily mean that the sensor is not working, but that its accuracy is not the best or that we are placing the finger in the wrong position, which prevents unlocking the device.

Another common mistake, which has happened to all of us, is that we are using the finger that was not. You have registered your index finger on your fingerprint reader, but you are trying to unlock the phone using the middle or ring finger, for example. This is also something that we have to realize, to avoid these types of problems.

Is there some dirt on the fingerprint reader?
If the fingerprint reader does not work or does not recognize your fingerprint, it could be that there is some dirt. There may be dirt on the said sensor, but also your finger or that your finger is somewhat wet, which is something that in many sensors causes that fingerprint cannot be detected. This is something to check, as it is something that would be causing these performance problems in it.

Try to keep the fingerprint reader clean, you can use a cloth to clean it. In addition to making sure that when you go to unlock the phone, the finger that you have registered as a fingerprint is clean and not wet, so that the sensor will work normally and detect said fingerprint.

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Have you recently updated?
A problem that has been experienced in some Android phones, such as the Galaxy A50 for a while, is that after an update said fingerprint reader stops working. This is a problem to take into account since if you have recently received an update on your mobile, it could be the cause that causes this sensor not to work.

In these situations, it only remains to wait for the brand to launch a new update with a patch that corrects the said error. There are times when the fingerprint can be registered again, as we have shown in the first section, so you can try to do this, in case it is possible in this way to use this sensor again.
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