WhatsApp already allows you to play videos from a popular social network without leaving the app

WhatsApp now lets you play Facebook and Instagram videos within ...

WhatsApp is launching a multitude of new functions this week, such as the new advanced search button, available now in Spain. Little by little some are being introduced, either in the testing phase (such as the use of the app on various devices ) and also in its beta, as is the case with the new function that they are currently testing.

The new function is the support for the ShareChat video service, a popular social network in India, but which we can now download in Spain from the Play Store. WhatsApp now integrates this service in its new beta, which in some markets may be of great importance.

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WhatsApp launches functionShareChat is a social network in India, which allows users to discover all kinds of content such as photos or videos. It is common for users to want to share content with their friends and family, who have seen on this social network. Now, when a video that has been seen on this social network is shared, it will be possible to play it without leaving WhatsApp. It can even be viewed in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode.

It is a function similar to the one we have with videos from other pages and applications such as YouTube. If we share a YouTube video on WhatsApp, we can play it without leaving the messaging app. Also, for some time it has been possible to reproduce them in a floating window, a long-awaited function for users. The same is done now with ShareChat videos, which is a very important application in India.

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The introduction of this support now in WhatsApp could be an important boost for the launch of ShareChat in markets such as Spain or the rest of Europe. The application can be officially downloaded in Europe, available on the Play Store, so it may now gain some notoriety.

This is a feature that is launched on both Android and iOS in the application, although the deployment seems to be uneven. Since in the case of iOS, it has already arrived, but in the Android app it is launching somewhat more slowly, but users who install the beta number on Android should be able to enjoy it now.

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