Where to download Fortnite for Android now that it is not on Google Play?

Fortnite arrives on the Google Play Store for Android users ...

One of the breaking news has been the elimination of Fortnite, both from Google Play and Apple's Apple Store, a move that has resulted in a lawsuit by Epic Games against Apple and Google for monopolistic practices.

Not that it was an accidental movement, far from it. By having the demands prepared, Epic knew what they were up against making this move. The legal battle may be beneficial in the long run for users, but let's think about it now. What if you had Fortnite downloaded from some of these stores?

If you had an iPhone or iPad, goodbye FortniteThis is the first direct consequence of the expulsion from Fortnite. The Apple ecosystem does not have alternative stores, so if you had an iPhone or iPad, you would be without the game.

If you still have it installed you can play until the beginning of season 4 of chapter 2, since by requiring download you will no longer be able to update.

Fortnite for Android has also been kicked off the Google Play ...

If you have AndroidLet's go to what interests us, which is our ecosystem. What options do we have if we have Android on mobile phones or tablets?

For SamsungBefore hitting Google Play, Samsung has made several deals with Epic, including exclusive skins like the one for the Galaxy Note 9 or officially including the game on the Galaxy Store.

Far from being eliminated from the Galaxy Store, Epic's offer with reduced prices in Fortnite is promoted without any repercussions, something that makes the circumstance more striking.

From the Epic Games StoreFrom day one, before it was possible to download it on Google Play, Epic opted for its Fortnite installer, available from its website, and offering all the guarantees at the security level.

From alternative storesAmong the many alternative stores to download applications, we usually have two preferred sources to download applications such as APKMirror and Uptodown, alternatives that give us total confidence.

Regarding APKMirror, it is not possible to download Fortnite. It is not the decision of the APK repository, but rather due to the prohibition of Epic Games itself for copyright, a move that does not benefit much to a company that has decided to become the martyr against Google and Apple.

Google Play Store Now Tells You It Doesn't Have Fortnite - ExtremeTech

In the case of Uptodown, the Malaga company advocates the legitimacy of the content offered and every day they have more studios that use their store as an official means of downloading. In the specific case of Epic, the game is offered in the store but it is uploaded by the store itself and they are not yet an official alternative by Epic. From UptoDown, however, they have begun to move to offer Epic to be an alternative store as an official download channel.

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