Why a Galaxy S with a stylus holder won't be the end of the Galaxy Note

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the ranges with more personality on the market. A range that has been around since 2011, when Samsung opted to create a super-vitamin variant of the excellent Galaxy S2, with an even larger screen and a pencil that could be stored in the device.

According to the latest rumor, it seems that there are clues that this popular brand could disappear to join the Galaxy S family. How likely is the rumor to be true?

We analyze what could happen to the Galaxy Note based on the rumors.

The rumor: Samsung could launch a Galaxy S with SPenJust yesterday a rumor was made public that affected the future of the Galaxy Note. This rumor is based on the Unbound project, which would be the codename of the Galaxy S21, S30, or whatever they end up being called.

In this generation there would be three models again, the standard, the Plus, and the Ultra, as has happened with the Galaxy S20 this year. The novelty here would be for the Ultra model, which for the first time would include support for SPen, a feature that has been exclusive to the Galaxy Note and some of the best Galaxy Tab.

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This rumor must be taken with a grain of salt because it is by no means the first time we see it. Rumorologists have been killing the Galaxy Note since that fateful sixth edition. Every year the same rumor seems to emerge since then and little by little it has become the tale of Peter and the Wolf.

A very linear reasoning
I'm not usually a controversial person, but today I'm going to get wet. Since the rumor came out, I have seen practically every blog anticipating the death of the Galaxy Note. Of course, the possibility is there and the day may come when the Galaxy Note disappears, but when it happens there will be good reasons for it.

But considering that because a Galaxy S is compatible with the pencil of the Galaxy Note is a very linear and simple judgment. And predicting the future of a brand on a premise like " If Galaxy S Spen -> ¬ Galaxy Note" is to have thought little.

The Galaxy Fold as a replacement for the Note?
Another of the "tests" that suggest that the Galaxy Note is discontinued is that it has lost the status quo of being the most expensive, exclusive and professional mobile. This position is now reserved for the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold, much more technically sophisticated terminals.

A scenario in which the Z Folds will replace the Galaxy Note seems unlikely, as it is a device that currently does not have support for SPen. But even if it did include it, it is a device that is much more expensive.

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Does the price matter? In recent years it might seem not, since each year the flagship phones grow more and more, each Galaxy S being more expensive than the previous one and the Note of its respective a little higher.

This year an unusual event has occurred, and that is that the starting price of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been lower than its equivalent in the S range. Yes, 1309 euros is not little money, but it is less than 1359 of the S20 Ultra, the latter being a less competitive terminal. This slight price reversal is a sign that Samsung has peaked when it comes to pricing. At least in non-folding models.

To think of a Galaxy Fold to replace the Galaxy Note, one would have to think of a Galaxy Fold that enters this price range, with SPen and a similar balance between screen size, balance, and autonomy. And to get to that point this range still needs a track record.

And what is the point of an S21 with a pencil holder?
If the Galaxy Note is going to stay alive, what is the point of a Samsung Galaxy Sending up with support for SPen? Should we dismiss this rumor?

Well, despite being a rumor that has been formulated for years and has never been fulfilled, this year it is more likely than ever that it will end up being a reality. And no, that it happens does not mean the extinction of the Note.

In recent years, Samsung has worked to create an ecosystem around Galaxy devices, an ecosystem in which devices have increasingly better communication. Some of the improvements in recent years have been:
  • Share the internet on devices.
  • Make or receive calls from your mobile from the tablet.
  • Be able to charge the Galaxy Watch or the Galaxy Buds with your mobile wirelessly.
  • Being able to use the SPen of the Galaxy Tab on the Galaxy Note and vice versa.
This last reason is what gives force to the Galaxy S to have support for SPen, not with the sense of including a pencil inside the Galaxy S but to reinforce the integration between its ecosystem.

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