YouTube Music keeps getting better: renew the Artists section

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YouTube Music is one of the applications that is being updated the most. This same week, two functions came to the app, which was present in Google Play Music, the application that it replaces in Spain. Also, the application is introducing changes in its interface, as is happening now, with a renewed Artists section in it.

It is also a change with which YouTube Music takes inspiration from Google Play Music again. These months we have seen how the application continues to improve its design, including the new Explore section. Now it is the Artists section in the application that is renewed.

YouTube Music keeps updating its designUntil now, when you entered the Artist section on YouTube Music, the application showed you the complete page of that artist with all the songs in its catalog. The application changes this and now on the page you will first be able to see the songs by the said artist that you have included in your music library.

If you want to see the full profile of that artist, with all the songs that are available in the app's catalog, a button is inserted at the bottom of the page. This button "See all of this artist" gives said access to the complete catalog. Thanks to this slight change in the design of this section in the app, we have more comfortable access to the songs we have by those artists on our account.

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For this new design for the Artists section, they were inspired by the design of Google Play Music, from the library section. So we continue to see how YouTube Music continues to incorporate functions from the previous application, which will help users find it more comfortable to use this application on their Android phone.

The new design of this section in YouTube Music is already being rolled out among users, both in the Android and iOS versions of the application. So if you have it installed on your phone, you just have to wait to receive the update with it.

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