Zoom is updated and already has dark mode on Android

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Zoom has been one of the most used applications in Spain in the first half of the year, during the months of confinement. The video call application, especially popular in group video calls, is kept up-to-date with new features, to maintain a certain presence in the market. A new update has been released for the app.

The new update for the application introduces an important change because the dark mode is finally made official in Zoom, in its version for Android phones. The desktop version of the application already had this mode and now it also reaches phones.

Dark Mode for ZoomThis is version 5.2.42588.0803 of the application where we have access to this new dark mode. It is a dark mode that synchronizes with the dark mode of the system, so if we activate the dark mode of the phone, Zoom will automatically activate its dark mode as well. It is not possible, at least for now, to activate it manually from the application settings. The firm has said nothing about the possibility of activating it from the settings shortly.

Latest Zoom update adds support for dark mode on Android (APK ...

The update introduces a series of new functions in the application, in addition to correcting errors, not the most common ones in the app. We find an improved chat interface, a series of new reactions, the possibility of inviting members depending on the organization or channel, mute channel notifications, transfer calls to meetings and be able to see call transcripts, among many other functions. Many changes to the app, which improves its performance on Android phones.

To enjoy these new features, you have to download the latest version of Zoom on Android. The application has already been updated and is officially deploying, being able to access it from the Google Play Store. As usual, this is a staggering display, so it may not have reached you yet.

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