A phone with an extendable screen: LG's new project

Yesterday the LG Wing was officially presented, the brand's new phone that arrives with a secondary screen and that would be rare if it did not reach Spain. The presentation of this phone has served to make the brand official a new project, where they will continue to experiment with the design of the devices and various types of screens.

At the end of yesterday's presentation, LG displays a few seconds of a new device. It is a new model, which would have an extendable display. Explorer Project is the name given to this initiative, it is not known if it would be the name of the phone, although it seems unlikely.
LG's Wing smartphone features a swivelling display

So will LG's next phone
In this video you can see this new device briefly, showing what would be the operation of the screen of the same. Nothing is known about this brand phone, other than that it will arrive with an extendable screen. In the video, you can see how this LG phone is spreading its screen little by little.

This little video seems to confirm the rumors that had been circulating for months. Since in March of this year a patent was leaked from the brand where you could see a phone with a screen that extends. So that device is real and the brand would have almost everything ready to make it official. Although at the moment no dates have been given for the presentation of the same.

It is said that LG would plan to launch this phone in the first half of 2021 so that there would still be a few months until the brand makes this phone official. It would be a bet of enormous interest on the part of the brand, which seeks to regain its place in the market and they do so by betting on innovation with amazing devices.

For now, it is unknown what state of development the phone is in, but if LG is going to launch it in 2021, it is that everything is almost ready and the brand would be giving the latest tweaks to this phone. We hope to know more soon about this device.

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