An emoji is approved that represents how we feel in 2020

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A new emoji are going to reach our mobiles and is a clear reflection of how we feel in 2020 because of everything that is happening.
Anguish, fear, bewilderment, amazement... There are many sensations that we are living during this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a series of events accumulate that cause us to see 2020 as a particularly bad year: viruses, political news, fires, possible crisis... And in the Unicode Consortium, they have decided to approve an emoji that reflects it.
Consorcio Unicode is a non-profit organization that is responsible for approving emojis that reach mobiles. Formed by members of large companies and different experts, from time to time they meet and discuss the pros and cons of all the proposals they receive and the need to implement each new emoticon.

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The last one that has been approved is the so-called spiral Eyed Face, proposed by Google expert Jennifer Daniel, and which becomes a reflection of the 2020 swings.
This emoji will be defined and recommended with words like "Oh, no", "Problems" or "Wow", according to The Verge. According to the proposal to be included, Face with spiral eyes means dizzy, hypnotized, or overwhelmed to the point of not controlling one's actions or being able to perceive the world.
In 2020 we have all had our eyes spiraling at some point in the face of the inability to understand and assimilate what is happening, so they have decided that this was a good emoji to add to the available offer. Also, at first glance, you understand its meaning, something essential with all these symbols.
After approval, the Spiral Eye Face emoji will surely arrive on our mobiles by 2021. But it won't be the only one, it's also approved the tag to add a beard to any emoji to reflect how much it's aged in recent months. Apparently, 2020 we clearly associate it with a very specific issue.

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