Analysis of realme C1 launches new budget smartphone

Helio G35, la opción gaming asequible

Again we get a smartphone by the hand of realme, this time comes to Spain its most affordable device. A range, the input range, in which we usually see smartphones that in the long term do not usually offer an entirely satisfactory user experience.
The new realme proposal comes to show me that affordable is not synonymous with having a bad user experience. In addition to coming with a really interesting price, it can make it one of the affordable proposals to consider. At least on paper.

Simple and sturdy design
The first time we see the new C11 realme, we are surprised by its appearance, away from what we might expect from a device of its price. Obviously, there are small details here and there that denote that it belongs to the input range, but it does so without giving up an attractive design.

Starting with the rear panel, which has a texture that in addition to reacting when the sunlight influences it helps to improve the grip. If there is one element that stands out above the rest, it is the area dedicated to the camera, in the form of a square housing the two sensors.

Diseño sencillo y resistente

We notice the absence of the fingerprint reader, an element that the new C11 realme lacks. Moving to the edge of the device, the lower area is where most of the elements are located, such as the headphone jack, the only speaker available, the calling microphone, and the micro USB 2.0 port.

Leaving for the side edges the volume and power buttons, along with the SIM + MicroSD card tray. Completing a simple set, but it has almost everything you need on a 2020 smartphone. And most importantly, it is a smartphone that despite its price transmits good sensations in the hand.

A screen of another level
When talking about a device belonging to the most affordable ranges, it is understandable that in some respects there are cuts to save. Usually one of those clippings is the screen, finding us a fairly basic level on low-priced devices.

However, in the new C11 realme we can say that this trend has been pulverized. Since we find a screen that first class, could pass perfectly like that of a smartphone of higher ranges. Highlighting its level of brightness and color reproduction.

¿USB tipo C donde estás?

Its 6.5-inch display, with a 20:9 aspect ratio and 1560 x 720 resolution, delivers more than satisfactory performance. Whether reading texts or playing multimedia content, we are faced with a screen that is well above what is expected.

And thanks to the device's settings, we can further fine-tune the experience by choosing the color temperature. Placing the new realme C11 as one of the affordable smartphones, with one of the best screens within its range. A very positive point that has managed to make me real in this regard.

Helio G35, the affordable gaming option
Continuing with the line marked in previous sections, if we talk about performance the new realme C11 comes under the arm with one of the latest Mediatek processors. Specifically, the Helio G35, designed to bring the gaming experience to affordable devices.

Next to that processor, the set is completed by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Maybe two of the loosenest points we can find in the new realme. Although considering its price, it is somewhat understandable, we would have liked to see at least 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Una experiencia fotográfica que cumple

Autonomy assured at low price
We come to another of the main claims of the new realme C11, it's a huge 5000mAh battery that gives it really impressive autonomy levels. Thanks to the software's management, coupled with the low power consumption of the Helio G35 they complete a bomb-proof assembly.

We only find a notable absence in this section and it is that we do not have any kind of fast charging. So when it comes to recharging such a large battery, you'll need to arm ourselves with a little patience, as times move far away from other devices than if they have fast-charged.

USB Type-C where are you?
Linking with the previous section, we come to another of the absences that we can find in the new realm C11. Do not have a USB Type-C connection in favor of having the "eternal" MicroUSB, along with the absence of the fingerprint reader or NFC technology.

Considering the price of the new realm, they are absences that could fall within logic. Although the absence of USB Type-C is not entirely justified. Once we talk about what we don't have, let's move on to what if you have the new smartphone.

realme C11, una gran opción asequible

Android 10 for all pockets
Another section in which affordable smartphones often float is in the software. We usually find examples where they have outdated versions of Android or a more than obvious lack of android updates.

Something the new C11 realme makes a difference about again, as it comes with realme UI 1.0 based on Android 10. So we start from the latest version available today, along with the security patch from May 5, 2020.

Regarding the experience of using realme UI 1.0, as we have seen on other devices of the brand we usually find a clean Android vitamin with small details. These details add value to the user experience, being an added value to the whole.

As for the applications, we have the basics of Google and to a pleasant surprise, we do not find any application "annoying". Something to be thankful for, because having only 32GB of storage, any unnecessary application could be a problem.

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