Android 11 is official: what're new, compatible mobiles and how to install it

Android 11 is live: How to use priority conversations, screen recording and  other new features right away - CNET

Google already has us accustomed to a calendar of annual updates in which, during the second quarter of the year they begin to deploy Developer Preview and Beta versions too, as the year ends up presenting the official stable version. Android 11 is here, and it starts to reach mobiles available in Spain like Google Pixels and many more.

The new version of Android takes the good foundation of Android 10 and includes new features in many areas, although the control of notifications or privacy is the ones that stand out the most. Do you want to know all the news in-depth?

Android 11 is here, all the improvements to the new system
Android 11 is the first version of Android designed to take advantage of the new technologies of the moment, such as 5G or folding screens. Although models with Android 9 and these technologies already existed last year, it has not been until 2020 that they have become technologies that are more on everyone's mouth (plus 5G than folding screens). That's why new versions of Android are supported to get the most out of it.

Android 11 is here: How to use bubbles, screen recording and other new  features right away - CNET

Notifications have also undergone a radical change in this release. If android 10 ones were already great, this version has a large number of changes like:
  • Notification Bubbles: Android now incorporates a native floating notification system similar to Facebook Messenger bubbles, but much more efficient (so much so that even Facebook leaves your system on Android 11). Applications like Telegram already experiment with this system and hopefully, it will end up reaching WhatsApp as well.
  • Media app controls are now part of the Quick Settings panel.
  • Now we'll have a notification history for each app.
Android 11 Released: Best new features explained - Tech Advisor
  • Grouped notifications look cleaner and more visual.
  • Priority notifications allow us to select the most important contacts and receive personalized notifications with their avatar and able to skip the do not disturb mode.
After holding down the power button you will not only have access to the payment cards, but we also have the possibility to have control of the home automation.

How to install Android 11
As usual, Google is the first manufacturer to have shown Android 11 availability for Google Pixels. If you already have these mobiles and were signed up for the Android beta program you will be among the first to receive the notification to receive the stable version of Android, while those found on Android 10 should start receiving updates within the next few hours at the latest.

The procedure is to go to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates. If you are very impatient you can also download the official factory images from Google,

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