Apple new generation of smartwatches arrives, with new sensors, straps, and more

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The new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple's new generation of smartwatches, come along not only for using a more powerful processor, but also for the integration of new sensors, the release of a new type of strap without buckles, and even with the launch of the family setup feature, allowing parents to configure their children's Apple Watch units from their mobiles through a series of parental controls.
Added to this is the arrival of Apple Watch SE, Apple's new smartphones at lower prices, making their watches more accessible to a greater number of people, following the same strategy carried out with iPhone SE.
In Apple's keynote, which is being carried only through its online broadcast over the Internet, given this year's atypical human virus, Apple has noted that its new generation of smartwatches delivers up to 20% performance thanks to the S6 processor, based on its own A13 chip, offering a significant performance improvement over the Series 4, from which it maintains its design although coming in new colors.
As we have pointed out, this generation debuts a series of new sensors, highlighting the sensor that measures the level of oxygen in the blood, being able to operate in just 15 seconds by using red and infrared plus. credit: third party image reference
It is also mandatory to name the improvements you will incorporate for the realization of physical activities through its improved Fitness app, which will bring new workouts.
Needless to say, as, in previous years, the new generation will also debut new watch faces, which will allow users to customize their units, always keeping the time in mind.
Add that through the new school model, taking into account that Apple is extending its use to minors under the tutelage of its parents, also arrives in a specific area, which will adapt to the school schedule.
For the colors it will be available to, users will be able to opt for gold, graphite, blue, or their new version (RED) with red finishes. Also, Apple has introduced Solo Loop straps, buckeyes, and one-piece straps made of silicone, with a variety of styles and colors to choose from. There is also a Solo Loop strap braided on five-colored threads. For those who want it, Apple has also released a new leather strap.
And as we're moving forward, Apple is also bringing in the new Family Settings feature with watchOS 7, which allows you to set up multiple drives, with their respective user accounts, over the same third party image reference
It includes parental controls, which will allow parents to establish a series of rules for the units they have offered their children, to delimit who they can talk to or know where they are at all times, among other possibilities, where the SOS Emergency function is also available to ask for help if necessary.
In any case, family settings will require Apple smartwatches with mobile connectivity.
Interested parties can now buy their new Apple Watch Series 6 watches from today, to start having them this coming Friday, with prices from $399 onwards.
And finally, for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on an Apple smartwatch, the apple watch SE also arrives, which has a design similar to The Series 4 watches integrating the S5 chip with a series of sensors, integrating watchOS 7 as an operating system, allowing the choice between 40 and 44mm variants, and between GPS-only options and mobile connectivity.

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