Call recording starts reaching several Xiaomi mobiles

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The importance that Xiaomi has gained in recent years internationally is more than obvious. We just have to look at the Spanish market to see how the Chinese company has managed to gain a not inconsiderable market share, fighting from you to you with much larger firms like Samsung or Huawei.

Even Google has begun to consider it differently, making it an ally so that what happened to Samsung, with which it has had more than one confrontation, does not end.

An example of this good relationship can be seen in Xiaomi's decision to use native Google apps on its phones that not all brands use. An example was that of the phone app itself, which we started to see on several mobiles.

Call recording starts to reach the Redmi Note 9, 9S...
Now, an update to that app starts reaching users of multiple models in the signature. Specifically, it has been users of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9S, or Redmi Note 9 Pro who have seen it.

It activates a feature that many demanded but is not available as standard on all mobiles: the possibility to record phone calls without installing anything.

At the moment it seems that Google is testing, activating that feature to some users but not all of them and it may be a matter of time before we end up with this feature on Xiaomi mobiles that internationally come with these Google apps.
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