Ecovacs Deebot N3 Max Analysis: A Voice Controlled Vacuum Cleaner

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Today's consumer technology has grown in multiple sections, even though smartphones have been the spearhead in recent decades. But if there is one type of product that has been able to find its own space is home automation, devices that help us in the management of our house, such as smart vacuum cleaners.

One of the largest vacuum cleaners
The design of this vacuum cleaner is very similar to that of other Ecovacs products or other brands. Despite that, there's one thing that catches the eye: its size.

It's much bigger than other vacuum cleaners we've tried, but it seems that it also makes it more independent, so we have no complaints.

Also striking is the presence in the box of two tanks, one for vacuuming and one for vacuuming but also for scrubbing since this vacuum cleaner has that function.

At the top stands an element that stands out as the periscope of a submarine. That's where the laser is, which we'll talk about later.

The other elements are normal in these devices: two brushes that move the dust inwards rotating and one in the shape of a cylinder that houses it in the rear tank.

Power and autonomy
The Ecovacs Deebot N3 Max is a vacuum cleaner with three power modes. It has a normal one, which is the one we have used the most, another of greater power, in case there is a lot of dirt and another silent that allows sucking but is more designed to scrub.

Unsurprisingly, all three are heard, but there's indeed a lot of difference so it makes sense to use each mode for a different time.

The manufacturer boasts several hours of autonomy but we have not come to use them all for a very simple reason. This device has cleaned a floor of about 70 square meters in an hour.

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When you're done, you've communicated it through the built-in speaker and gone straight to your charging dock.

Now that many of us work at home an important detail of vacuum cleaners is that they are not especially noisy. This model, even in normal mode, is quieter than other competitive products, with a noise of about 65 dB.

Also, in case you want to use it at night, we can use the silent mode and schedule a cleaning whenever you want from the app.

Let's not forget that you can also scrub, controlling the amount of water you release. 

Although there are many types of vacuum cleaners, not all of them have the same functions. I myself have analyzed several, priced somewhat lower, but they did not have a laser guidance system.

What this function achieves is to map the house you have to clean and know where to go, leaving no corners uncleaned. This is relevant because with other vacuum cleaners we saw that it often passed through the same area but that there were others where it did not clean.

Mobile control
The app we have available on the Google Play Store is the control center of this vacuum cleaner. From it, we can perform a cleaning, control the map that I have made of our house, delete it if we want, and do it again. We can even program when we want it to get up and running.


When we started using this vacuum cleaner we saw how he communicated with us when he had a message to give. The surprise has come to see that we can set the language to Spanish so we will understand what happens to it at all times.

For example, if you get stuck because there are wires on the floor, you'll alert us with a voice message, just like when a cleanup ends, at which point you tell us you're done and you're going to the charging dock.

On the other hand, we can configure both the Google Assistant and Alexa to be able to use voice commands to run the cleaning thanks to the built-in Wifi connection that has the Deebot N3 Max.

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