Facebook expands its rules so that groups don't violate their community standards

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Facebook Groups are spaces within the social network where users connect with others to share common interests, but they are not always used appropriately, so Facebook continues to take action on the issue by establishing new rules that allow users to participate within established Community Standards.
In this regard, the company has just introduced the new rules that it will apply from now on, aiming to reduce the dissemination of harmful and erroneous information, as well as to clean up groups for lack of administrators, among other aspects.
Expanding recidivism policies
On the one hand, they will expand their existing recidivism policy by adding that administrators and moderators who have participated in groups that have had to be eliminated for rule violations cannot create new groups for a certain period of time.
Members of groups that have some violations of the rules should now be able to wait up to 30 days for them to be approved by moderators and administrations at any time during that period before they reach other members.
If moderators and administrators repeatedly approve publications that violate their community rules, the group to which they belong will be deleted.credit: third party image reference
Having groups have an active administrator
On the other hand, Facebook will promote that there is at least one active administrator per group so that it can carry out the necessary order and prevent violations of rules and policies among its members.
So from now on, they will make suggestions to acquire the role of administrator to interested members, taking into account several variables about them. Also, in the coming weeks, groups that have not had an administrator for a while will be archived. Later, the only administrator in a group who decides to resign will have the ability to invite members to take office. If anyone accepts, the group will be archived.
Health group recommendations will disappear
As health is not played, Facebook understands that users have to access health information through authorized sources, so it will no longer recommend health-related groups, although users will still be able to search for them or invite other members from these groups to participate.credit: third party image reference
Fighting violence-related groups
In addition to eliminating a network of anti-government groups established in the United States and expanding their policies to address organizations and movements that may lead to public order issues, they will now limit the exposure of these groups "by removing them from recommendations, restricting them from search, and soon reducing their content in News Feed."
And it's going to go further because they'll also eliminate groups that share the content of potential violence, "even if they use veiled language and symbols."
Combating disinformation in groups
And finally, to combat misinformation in groups, Facebook takes the "delete, reduce, report" approach in which they will eliminate groups that violate their community rules, reduce the exposure of groups that share misinformation, taking into account the classification of false by data verifiers, and will label users when faced with misinformation, being also advised before sharing their contents.

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