Filter source code for Windows XP and other versions of Windows

Windows XP source code leaks online - The Verge

They have filtered on the well-known platform 4chan the source code of various versions of Windows and other files of interest to programmers.

All kinds of initiatives are often seen on the well-known and controversial 4chan platform. You could say that Forocoches is a parental version of that network of forums from which sometimes so much news comes out and the last arrives in the form of a 43 GB torrent file. It's a collection that Microsoft probably won't like: the source code of different Windows.

Some of the users have collected source codes from different Windows; that is, the set of readable instructions of operating systems before being compiled, a code that can be read by programmers, and that is worked to shape the software that will then be used by the computers. This information is usually protected by its value to companies and is copyrighted.

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The source code that can be found is from several operating systems, although it does not come alone, since the user who created the file has not forgotten to include a series of documents with theories about Bill Gates, most concerning alleged conspiracies.

For a programmer, having the source code can mean being able to create their own versions of this software and discover the secrets it hides, if any. If it is true that this is the code of the operating systems, the value it can have is quite large. Although presumably, most activities that can be carried out would surely go against intellectual property law.

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The problem for Microsoft is not only in the violation of this, but that once a torrent file comes to light, if it is of interest, such as this one, it is quickly replicated and expanded to other platforms. So you'll find it difficult to contain it.

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