Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: the power to work, the power to play

Galaxy Note20 Ultra Official TVC: The power to work and play | Samsung -  YouTube

Year after year, Samsung's Note range continues to break down barriers and improve your off-road smartphone, a device for everything. The new Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is the most powerful and capable to date, focused on productivity, but also leisure and gaming.

Samsung got ahead of everyone by joining a pen to a next-generation smartphone, putting a new level of productivity at our fingertips. Now Galaxy Note 20 is much more, it's a whole computer in our pocket, with more than enough power to perform any kind of tasks or even create the highest quality content with your 8K camera.

Its powerful specifications are combined with a minimalist design, in a metal and glass body in colors such as the Mystic Bronze and Mystic Green with a new texture that improves touch and reduces footprints and stains. Meanwhile, on the front, the main protagonist is the huge SuperAMOLED screen of 6.7 inches, or 6.9'' in the case of the Ultra 5G, with minimal frames to enjoy all the content to the fullest.

The ultimate power phone for work and play in a timeless premium design -  the Samsung Galaxy Note20 | Note20 Ultra 5G now in Sri Lanka

Multiply your productivity with the Galaxy Note 20
If we talk about productivity with Samsung Galaxy Note 20, we need to talk about the S-Pen. The new generation of Samsung's stylus that further improves latency to instantly respond to our strokes.

With it, we can take note, draw with total precision, and even control the smartphone with gestures to browse the web, go to the main screen or make selections quickly.

In this section, we need to talk about the Samsung Notes app integrated into the Galaxy Note 20. The new version is more powerful than ever, not only to make quick annotations of our ideas but also to edit and take notes on PDF documents, include other resources such as voice notes, images...

The Notes app is a complete document editor and, when finished, we can export them to PDF, PowerPoint, and of course synchronize them with the rest of our devices or share them with Outlook/Office or Microsoft OneNote.

And when we say that the Galaxy Note 20 is a computer in your pocket, it's because you can really expand your screen and use a monitor or TV to virtualize up to 6 apps at the same time with the Samsung DeX accessory and without using cables.

Create content and play like never before
It's not all going to be work and more work. There should always be time for leisure, enjoyment and to unleash our creativity.

For content creators, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G features a set of cameras that allows you to create professional-quality videos. The angular camera integrates a 12MP sensor, the wide-angle lens to capture the environment in each scene has a 108MP sensor and the third telephoto camera mounts another 12MP sensor. All combined with a laser sensor for a perfect and fast focus.

We have professional video recording and photography modes, with all manual controls at our fingertips and allows us to record videos up to 8K resolution in maximum detail.

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is fully compatible with the new 5G networks, this means that you can take advantage of the important improvements that the new generation of mobile networks brings us. Not only do we have connections 20 times faster, but also 10 times lower latency.

Players here have a lot to gain, as 5G lets you play with less lag, and players can make the most of the 120Hz refresh screen and smart battery modes to enjoy for hours, for example, the more than 100 titles included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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